Jamie provides a Reiki environment that is warm and inviting. Not only did I gain insight, but experienced true healing during my first session. A truly genuine and knowledgeable practitioner!
— Kristin
My top three goals when beginning this program were to lose weight, to grow my financial and professional success, and to become more physically fit, strong, and capable. Jamie helped me work toward these goals by providing a radically safe and productive space for me to consistently honor these goals and desires.

I have made progress with my weight, I have made progress professionally, and I have grown physically fitter and stronger. But the biggest tangible change I have noticed while working with Jamie is, surprisingly enough, bravery. I have gotten braver. And this is a big one, because bravery is the key ingredient to going after (and getting) the things that we want in life; through her coaching, Jamie guided me into deeper self-awareness, deeper appreciation and gratitude for the moment, and, an unstoppable sense of bravery. It is a mental and emotional strength, energy, and endurance that is here with me to stay and that can only carry me into greater fulfillment and success.

I have a very life-altering hormonal disease called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome that implies a host of unpleasant symptoms, I have been clinically depressed in the past and now live with a strong tendency in that direction, and I am still in the process of a life-long journey to lose weight. It’s a lot to juggle, and it’s a lot to handle with grace and joy. But Jamie gave me the deep support, the expert recommendations, the gentle accountability, and the revitalizing encouragement I needed to carry all of these things with peace and balance. I learned how to simultaneously walk toward my goals and still have deep joy in my life as it is.

Jamie is the first health coach I have ever worked with, but I doubt you will find another coach out there with more integrity, know-how, and commitment to your success than Jamie. I would recommend her to both my dearest friend and the stranger I sit next to on the bus.
— Laura

Knowing and working with Jamie has truly been a blessing. She’s not only an incredible health coach, she’s also a true friend. Her presence is very calming. Conversing with her is easy, enjoyable and healing. You feel safe, allowing yourself to open up about things you would normally keep to yourself. I feel spiritually uplifted, happy, and grateful every time we talk. She finds her way into your heart in a very delicate manner as to help it release pressure and heal. With her unmistakable listening skills, she’s been able to guide and support me in clarifying my vision, helping me create an easy-to-follow plan of action toward that vision. I love that she keeps in contact just to make sure I’m doing okay. It’s hard finding words to express the appreciation and gratitude I feel for having met Jamie.
— Daniela